Anarcho-capitalism vs freedom

“Anarcho“-capitalism is not anarchist, because it’s not really free. Every other anarchist believes everyone has the freedom to bread, to education, to housing, to work, to life and so on. Anarcho-capitalists only believe in the right to private property. That is, they only believe in the right of each man to dominate as much as he wishes.
Property rights and all other rights are incompatible, because one says one man may control everything for his own good, while the other shouts, “all things for all men“.
But how will I have any privacy without private property? Because while you can abolish property, (because it’s on paper) you cannot abolish belongings (because they’re in hearts and minds). If you need to know the difference, listen to ‘we belong together‘ by Mariah Carey. A farm belongs to its farmer, not its landlord, and food belongs to the hungry.
Now to leave concepts and get practical. I‘m not going to take from anyone’s property, because it wouldn’t be kind. But I should disrespect all property, especially my own, and respect other’s belongings.
So I won’t be breaking into your house, or stealing loaves from the bakers. But I may walk through private fields or forests, and pick grains and berries as I go, and I may give all I have to those in need.
But really, my anarchy is based entirely on love, and love is the only principle it needs.


  1. Interesting issue!
    I’ve never linked Anarchism with property in any way.
    I believe we reached a point in our cultures that property is invulnerable, untouchable, and belongs to the spere of the individual.
    Opposite, Anarchism to me is more socially related, since it states the way one should act before our peers. It’s seeing our neighbours as peers, and not bosses, serveants, etc….
    Equal rights before the Law, doesn’t necessary mean equal wealth.
    Thanks for dropping, reading and following by my blog.


    1. I believe property, to an extent, has to be dealt with by anarchy, because otherwise it’s easy to see the government simply claim it can do what it wants because it owns the land.
      Some things will always be private, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But I‘d like it to be based on respect, not paper and violence.
      Thanks for your response.


    1. I understand not everyone uses property to dominate, but absolute power is it’s basis, and there is the potential for an evil monopolist to get evil with it.
      Thank you very much for reading and responding.


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