‘I do not like your peace‘

The Nobel Peace Prize has been given to the EU. Simultaneously, I lost all respect for that prize.
What is the EU? A government above governments, run on semi-democratic lines. Like all governments it uses violent force to take from many their freedom and property, for the benefit of the few.
What has it done that is vaguely peaceful? “Unite“ the countries of Europe, despite many Europeans wanting nothing to do with it. What is so great about larger countries anyway?

The problem is, that the world has a wrong idea of peace. When people say world peace, they expect violence on Friday and Saturday nights, painful divorces, many police, people voting to take each others‘ freedoms, and often a powerful one world government. The only difference from the current world is no armies going to war, and more powerful government.

Jesus once said,

‘Ye may not suppose that I came to put peace on the earth; I did not come to put peace, but a sword.’
Matthew 10:34

The true peace, the peace of the Prince of Peace, brings violent division. The followers of the Prince of Peace, are not violent, but their peace brings violence upon them.
I believe in a peace, that is based upon a radical love, and that will not compromise. When told to kill or be killed, it answers to be killed, rather than become violent. It cannot be enforced, it can only be lived out.
This peace (and more) is what lead to the death of Jesus, eleven of the twelve apostles, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and many more great men and women throughout history.
Gandhi was never given a Nobel Peace Prize, despite liberating a billion people from racist colonial rule, without violence. President Obama, the most powerful man in the world, was given one as soon as he came to power, just for a few promises he‘s failed to keep.
The Nobel Peace Prize has decided they want powerful governments to make us good, forgetting of course that governments are all too often comprised of the worst of all people. They want a peace based on treaties and deals, made out of nothing more than mutual selfish benefit.
Lets never forget, that the antichrist will be a uniter of kingdoms (and in the troublesome middle east as well). It seems likely he will also win the Nobel Peace Prize.
Live by the greater, true peace, and abandon the deception of the world‘s peace. There will only be world-wide peace when Jesus reigns in all.
God bless you.

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