Was St. Paul a communist?

‘but by equality, at the present time your abundance—for their want, that also the abundance may be for your want, that there may be equality’
2Corinthians 8:14

‘One thing remains: put the needs above the works,and first of all recognize the right to live, and later on, to the comforts of life, for all those who take their share in production.’
Peter Kropotkin

‘From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’

Don’t worry, I’m not saying St. Paul was a Marxist. But the resemblance in these short and simple quotes is remarkable.
Was the apostle Paul some kind of communist? Certainly not in the modern sense. He didn’t force any redistribution of wealth, and opposed violent revolution (that’s how I read his words at least). But this idea of thorough equality and charity, certainly resembles communist ideas of justice.
Peter Kropotkin‘s quote above, has an interesting resonance with Paul‘s message, that we are justified by faith in grace, not by works. That which we received from God we did not earn, and could not earn, but was from His love. Should we not do the same?
God bless you.

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