Philosophical reason I won’t vote

[As a personal aside, I‘d rather Romney win over Obama in the U.S. election. Not because of policies or personalities. Just out of curiousity. I know where Obama was a liar and where not; now I‘m curious about Romney. They’re both such liars, I have no reasonable way of seeing who will be worse anyway.]

I‘m very keen on living by logical principles. I‘m so keen, I stopped peeing in the shower (gross, I know), because that logically leads to having to accept standing/washing in a urinal. So here is why I won’t vote for any coercion, ever.
If you vote, you attempt to direct government coercion using paper, and must acknowledge the validity of others doing the same even if they disagree with you (or be a hypocrite). So if you vote, you are held to all votes, because they are doing to you, what you tried to do to them. The only exception to this is if the winner does something unconstitutional (unless they change the constitution first).
You therefore lose the right to complain about election results. You must accept whoever is elected according to the system you try to use.
It doesn’t matter if you think the “majority“ made the wrong choice. You accept the same method of control, you must live by the logic of your methods.
You can’t bet on a game, lose, and refuse to pay. If you had won the election, you would want your opponents to give up their freedom, so if you lose, you have given up yours.
I want the principle of my freedom to be upheld by all my actions, even if it can’t be practically upheld. I need to at least allow myself to disobey, even if others never will.
If your man (or party) wins the election, you cannot complain. You gave him whatever authority you had. You planned for him to take the authority of the entire population.
And don’t complain when the winners are liars. You knew they would be. If they weren’t supposed to be liars, the system wouldn’t have representatives. There would either be a vote on everything, or a vote for a policy package.
So if you want to be able to protest or complain without being a hypocrite, you must repent of voting. Then, you are no longer held (by principle) to the votes of others.
I’m also against it in principle, because I don’t support violence or the threat of violence in any form. Clearly, government is a form of violence.
God bless you.

P.S. I have no philosophical issue with non-violent protests or civil disobedience against government. If there is any place for rebellion against authority (and Jesus did clear the temple) this is the way to do it.

P.P.S. I‘m not a US citizen anyway, so their election doesn’t much affect me, unless they declare war or do secret stuff in my country (by “my country“, I mean home in the larger sense) or the countries of friends and family.

God bless you.

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