Two royal babies

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) are going to have a baby. Now, I don’t hate babies, or hate babies based on their family history, or even hate the royal family. But I fear how this child will be used.
From the moment of birth, they will be political. They will be the future King or Queen, and so will be watched, used as a symbol for nationalism, and trained to think and behave a certain way. And they have no choice in this.
But, a baby is always a blessing. I just do not want it to be celebrated for its murderous family history or its future parasitic job (if you can call it a job).
And, more hopefully, a child could bring great change. By some miracle, they could be left without political brainwashing in some area, or it could be overcome on some area, and they could use their position to speak some unacceptable truth. We should pray for this child.

It seems to me, Britain’s constitutional monarchy is the perfect system for preventing change. On the one side, a hollow monarchy provides the perfect grounds for state worship and sentimental attachment to the past, through big, expensive, and shiny things for us to view from a safe distance. On the other hand, hollow elections give the slight illusion of power to make changes.

About two thousand and fifteen years ago (I can’t remember the exact estimates of the year) my King was born in Bethlehem. He lowered himself to us, and died for us to have life.
There was no room for him in the inns. He lay in a manger, in the midst of the animals. He was visited by shepherds and mages from the east.
His life was never comfortable, always strange, always wonderful. The contrast between him and the English royalty is incredible.
He’s a whole different kind of Royalty.
(His name is Jesus)

God bless you.

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