Britain faces charges for hundreds of abuses in Iraq war

Britain is going to court over the widespread claims of illegal torture and abuse by British soldiers in Iraq.

‘The court will rule on whether the abuses were isolated incidents of which commanders, senior ministry officials and politicians were unaware, as the government insists, or “systemic” and authorised as policy.’

I’m not sure which idea is more disturbing; that from the top down this was endorsed and hidden from the public; or that soldiers do this independently, as a result of their nature, their training, or their job.
One law professor

‘will present five so-called “state practices” they claim were “unlawful, right to the top”, including illegal interrogation techniques taught at the army intelligence facility at Chicksands, north of London, unlawful detention and unlawful use of lethal force.’

It’s deeply disturbing.

‘Most of the alleged incidents took place while prisoners were in custody, though some occurred during “strike operations” on people’s homes, with suspects and their families allegedly subjected to abuse and crude violence. Prisoners who died in custody were invariably said to have done so due to “natural causes”, despite beatings and kickings.’

But here, I need to get philosophical, and look into the morality of torture. I suppose, it could be defended from two sides. Firstly, justice/punishment. Secondly, the greater good.
Essentially, those who speak of justice these days, already mean torture. That’s what they want prison to be. Just, very mild and protracted, and chiefly mental torture.
And the greater good is a very common argument for war. What about the civilians maimed, killed, widowed, or orphaned? “Collateral damage for the greater good.” So if knowingly allowed and acccepted, why not endorsed?

‘All’s fair in war.’

But I do not accept either of these ideas. War is evil. The “Justice” system does more harm than good. The only hope I see against evil is to

‘Be not overcome by the evil, but overcome, in the good, the evil’

Romans 12:21

I strongly recommend reading the entire article at the top of the page. If you don’t want to scroll up,  here’s another link to it.

God bless you.

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