Any questions?

I haven’t posted anything for more than a month now, for a few reasons. I was slightly busy at first. Then, it was a matter of being uncertain of what I wrote, and even when I was pretty certain, I wasn’t sure it was even worth anyone reading.

So my solution here, is that I will ask you for questions, then try to answer in a post as best as I can. Not that I have the answers, but I want to explore questions and see what may be found. I need some guide of what to consider and what to share, and I think questions fit the bill nicely. I expect I may have to give various thoughts on each question rather than an answer.
So please share with me any questions, areas you’re curious about, or challenges to my ideas. I generally post a combo of philosophy, politics, theology and general religion (often with an emphasis on freedom) but anything will do.
Maybe if there’s something you have been pondering for a while, and would like to see another’s perspective on, you could share that. Or maybe if you have a question on something I’ve posted in the past, you could share that.
Please give me a question. I don’t want to be the fool answering questions no one asked.

Thank you very much and God bless you.


  1. Have you watched/read ‘The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’? Your post reminds me of it…

    Weelll… there are sooooo many questions one could ponder on, but the one that has been occupying my mind has been how to define/explain the holiness of God to someone who’s wondering if God exists and if He does, what kind of a person He is… hope that’s an interesting enough question. :)


    1. No, I haven’t seen or read it. Is it good?
      Thanks for the great question. I’ll try to post my answer soon. :)


      1. ‘The hitchhiker’s guide’ is a spoofy look at asking the right questions to find the right answers. And yes, I liked it. :) It stirs up a lot of questions about how we perceive reality. :)


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