March 16th

The date’s been set: March 16th. It’s very exciting and frightening.
On this day, I will be baptised into the body of Christ, and receive confirmation, and my first communion. It will be the biggest day of my life so far.
It’s funny to think about afterwards. Everything will be the same, and yet everything will be different. I feel like I should get a uniform or a badge or something, to show my identity as a Catholic, a redeemed child of God, a member of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. But their won’t be any.
After my baptism, I will be a new creation in Christ, and if I am transformed so, then all creation will be transformed to me also. Being born again, I will be new to the world, and the world will be new to me. I imagine it will be like a light is switched on, and all is bright.
In confirmation, I will be sealed with the Holy Spirit, and I have no idea what this will be like. It’s extremely exciting. God’s Spirit will live in me.
And then I will have my first communion. This is the bit that’s blowing my mind. When I’ve been thinking about my baptism, and how I plan to celebrate its anniversary each year, I think each time, “and I’ll make sure to take communion on the day”, then realise I’ll be taking communion like a real Catholic! I’ll be one of them! Those people who stand up and queue, eat and drink the holiest thing in existence, then come back to sit or kneel, praying to the God they’ve just eaten. I will eat his flesh, and drink his blood, and he will live in me, and I in him. This will be the biggest change, as I will get to eat the medicine of immortality at mass.
I find the Eucharist a bit terrifying. It’s so holy and mysterious. I suspect the apostles were a bit terrified at the last supper too, when Jesus told them to eat his body, and drink his blood.
The 16th of March 2014 will arguably be the turning point of my life history, just as the thirty or so years about 0 AD were the turning point in all of human history. In many ways, everything was the same. But everything was different; the rules had changed forever; the new covenant had begun.

Please pray for me!
God bless you.


  1. Congratulations! It seems odd, though, that you are being received into the Church in the middle of Lent. This usually occurs at the Easter Vigil. Did they give you any reason for this?


    1. Thank you. They didn’t say, but I think it must be because I’m at university away from home, and Easter falls in the spring holiday this year.


  2. I’m so excited for you! It’s so wonderful to feel your emotions through your writings. I pray that the Eucharist will always be as mysterious and wonderful for you as the first time you experience it. I never feel that once a week is enough and if it weren’t for work I would go daily.

    God Bless,


  3. Certainly will (prayer) and congratulations! Even though I was an infant when I was baptized, I remember the day each year and give thanks for those, some of whom are deceased, who brought me to that day. Of course, I can remember my first Holy Communion and Confirmation in the 1960s… You’re right, “3/16/2014″ will always be very special for you. Tony


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