Seven days

One week to go until my baptism, confirmation, and first communion. Honestly, it’s terrifying me, but in a hope-filled way.

I fear change, and the 16th of March will change the very foundation of my life. Even though I’ve been going to mass, and come to believe Catholic teaching, it is this day, that my life will be firmly planted in God’s life. I will be buried with Christ, so that I may live in the new life. Who knows how God will change me?

I’m also afraid I will sob with joy. Particularly at my first communion. In front of my family and friends. But I have to pray, that if living these mysteries fully means sobbing, then God will make me sob, but if it doesn’t, hopefully He will allow me not to. I fear and hope to be overwhelmed by God Almighty.

When I was younger, I was upset that I didn’t understand the importance of baptism or communion, and it appeared no one else did either. I was told they were just symbols, and hardly even told what they symbolised. Now I know, they are far more than just symbols, and I see they’re so important, it’s terrifying.

I will be baptised into Christ’s death, receive the Holy Spirit, and eat the Bread of Life. This is incredible!

May God bless you abundantly.


  1. I am a convert to the Church going on nine years now. I remember when I received our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, I absolutely bawled. I could not control it. I remember looking at my sponsor and saying, “I love Him so much.” Thanks so much for bringing this memory back to me. I hope soon to post a page on why I converted. It was the Blessed Mother who called me to the Church, and I knew nothing about her whatsoever, other than she was the mother of Jesus. I think you will enjoy reading it, as she lived with me for a year. I am so glad all went well for you and God Bless, SR


    1. (Sorry this reply is so late, I was very tired when I first saw it, then entirely forgot about it)
      You’re very welcome. I look forward to reading it.
      God bless you also


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