The Pharisees and the Catholics

The fault of the Pharisees was their belief that they owned their religion, that they owned God’s law and revelation, and so that they owned God. They were so sure of their religion, that when God’s own Son rebuked them, they were outraged and murdered Him.

The Pharisees’ problem was that they wanted God, but they wanted God to be theirs. Cain wanted God to be pleased with his sacrifice, but in his way, and so rather than improve his sacrifice, he murdered his brother, so that no sacrifice was better than his. He wanted God’s approval by having a monopoly over religion. The prophets were likewise murdered, because they were close to God, and their murderers wished to be. The tenants murdered the heir of the vineyard to become the heir and keep the vineyard.

It is easy to see God’s heirs, His messengers, and reject them as not from Him, because they are poor, weak, and harmless, and they simply do not resemble us. They are unpredictable, and do not follow the manual we have written for “How to obey God”. From the perspective of our religion they are the infidels and heretics.
Are Catholics pharisaical? After all, we believe in an authoritative Church, established by Jesus in the Holy Spirit to speak God’s word to the world. We believe the Church teaches infallibly on matters of faith and morals. Is this owning God’s revelation, and owning God Himself?

No. The Catholic Church is the Body of Christ, and belongs to him through and through. Jesus himself said that the authority of the Pharisees was legitimate (Mt 23:2-3), so that was not their problem.


The trouble comes, when we consider God to be ours more than we are God’s. This is not natural to Catholicism in the slightest. The authority of the Church is because she is Christ’s spouse and mystical body: because God owns her, and uses her, and loves her. Never disobey the servant of God. The Church only teaches what she has received from Christ and the apostles, and is always subject to God’s word.

That’s not to say no Catholics commit the fault of the Pharisees. If only. Some may become so attached to certain common Catholic opinions or tendencies (rather than Church doctrines) or liturgical practices, that they refuse to listen to God, whether He speaks by the magisterium of the Church or in the cry of the oppressed. There are some today, who are so committed to being Catholic, they believe themselves more Catholic than the successor of Peter; just as two millenia ago, some Jews were so committed, they believed they were more Jewish than the Messiah.

To reverse the accusation so common against Catholics, is sola scriptura pharisaical? In itself, no. But have you never seen a protestant with an interpretation, arguing with all sorts of interpretive tools that all Christians ought to believe something they believe (often that’s convenient for them and not really in the text), and that to do otherwise is rejecting God’s word? Within the Catholic Church, we must simply receive what God has given us, but without the Church, we must ourselves formulate God’s word from the books he left us. With sola scriptura, we are left to build a religion for ourselves, judging all previous attempts by our own. Such a task definitely leaves us open to creating and owning our own religion, and so our own god.

We all must be wary, so that in all our seeking after God, we never consider Him, the Supreme Being, as our possession. We must never make ourselves the criterion of the true religion. We must always listen to God’s voice, wherever He chooses to speak, and exclude no one from the possibility of being God’s servant for this moment. We must always hold firm to the faith we have received, from the Church, from the fathers, from the apostles, from Christ, from God.

God bless you, today and forever


  1. Of course, you can drive into the pharisaical ditch on the left as well as the right. : ) Liberals too have a tendency to judge God and the Church according to their standards instead of vice versa.

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    1. I absolutely agree, although it seems to me a very different mistake. Perhaps because their judgment tends to be from a false mercy without justice, rather than a false justice without mercy, though both end in judgment and guarding against those who seek God, whether through justice or mercy or both.

      God bless you :)


      1. I see what you’re saying. But I think they can do the justice-without-mercy thing too, against anyone they consider intolerant or judgmental, e.g. a lot of liberals condemned B16 and JP2 for reiterating traditional moral teachings, disciplining erring theologians, or saying that Protestant churches are not properly called churches.

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      2. I agree. I think it’s that mercy-without-justice destroys mercy also, and so they judge others, just as justice-without-mercy destroys justice, and so they (no one in mind) don’t fulfil the just duty of forgiving.

        God bless you

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      1. Oh it is you know..
        A more pharisaic organisation does not exist..
        Overburdened with false teaching,,
        righteous in their own sight
        two faced
        and perfidious.
        The whore of Babylon
        A synagogue of Satan.
        A death worshipping ‘ cult ‘


      2. [panto styley] Oh no it isn’t!
        As a new Catholic I can assure you I’m not overburdened in the slightest. The teaching of the Church comes down to us from Jesus and the apostles, through the pondering and exploring of the Church in the Holy Spirit. The Church’s teachings are all in continuity with Jesus and the apostles.
        None of the Catholics I have met (and that’s quite a few now) have been self-righteous. Actually, they’ve been shockingly humble and nonjudgmental.
        Individuals may be hypocritical, abusive, murderous, two-faced, and perfidious, but Holy Mother Church is not. The Church has never committed a genocide.
        The Bride of Christ
        A holy temple being built up in the Lord, on the foundation of the apostles, with Jesus Christ himself as the chief cornerstone.
        The last bastion against the culture of death. Catholics do not worship death, but believe in death in Christ as meaning life in Christ.

        I watched your video. When a good thing is distorted (Catholicism by voodoo) it doesn’t make the good thing bad. If voodoo make Catholicism bad, you would have to believe that Christianity is bad, since Catholicism has (you seem to believe) corrupted it. Relics are only used in the video for shock value. There is nowt wrong with remembering how God’s grace used a human’s body to achieve His ends. And check out 2 Kings 13:20-21. This explains Catholic use of relics:
        This explains how we treat statues, without idolatry:
        Please do read these, seeing as I took the time to watch your video and reply.

        God bless you


      3. I never go to catholic websites for information..and certainly would not do so,, if I wanted to make sure that I have the facts……

        firstly.. for you to refer to romanism as holy mother church is ridiculous.. it did not begin untill the 4th century..intitiated by Constantine, and their is certainly nothing holy about…….
        it. is heavily pagan!!

        Jesus could and would never have instituted catholicsim..and of course,, He did not start the catholic so called church..

        Also for you to say that catholicsim has never been guilty of genocide,, is ridiculous in the extreme.. obviously by catholicism, I meant the papacy, / vatican/,Jesuits etc..

        I am thinking of the inquisitions, Hitler,, and of course child abuse…Rwanda, and other places…

        I should point out that your so called popes,, and especially the Jesuits, have done everything in their power, to hide, cover-up, the cases of child abuse…

        May I suggest that you really,deeply, investigate the history of catholicism,,preferably in a history book, that does not have the’ Nihil Obstat ‘ in the fron page..

        I am surprised that you actually watched my video.. at least you were willing to be interested..
        I do not go on catholic websites.. or watch catholic video’s etc..I know that I could not stomach listening to lies for that long..
        Thank you for your comments.. I usually just get slagged for my spelling/grammer,, and then that is used as an excuse to ignore me.. lol

        get yourself a KJV Bible 1611, if you want to do yourself a favour…

        believe the Bible, rather than your so called priesthood..

        and btw.. your so called pope, is regularly touting false doctrine…perhaps you should see if catholic dogma’s are actually found in the Scriptures…??which they are not of course..


      4. Your video is full to the brim with misunderstanding, from the Catholics non-Catholics and ex-Catholics alike. It was impressively rare when any of them properly expressed Church teaching, and what the non-Catholics said rarely was at odds with the Church’s actual teaching. It reveals above all, poor teaching by the Church, and poor learning by those outside of the Church. Unfortunately, you really can’t find Catholic teachings properly explained except from (knowledgeable) Catholics and reliable Catholic sources.
        Since you believe Catholicism was begun by Constantine, can you still read pre-Constantine Church Fathers? I really can’t recommend them enough, particularly Ignatius of Antioch, who was martyred in 109AD. He was a disciple of John the apostle, as was his good friend (and also martyr) Polycarp. Here’s a link to a non-Catholic website with them on (I don’t think even the translators are Roman Catholics):
        Of course, I disagree. Jesus founded the Church, and promised that the gates of Hades would never prevail against it.
        The inquisitions can hardly be called genocides, and have been seriously exaggerated by anti-Catholic historians. Hitler was not Catholic- Look up “positive Christianity”. The child abuse scandal was terrible, but was by no means organised.
        You’re painting with too large a brush. Just because some were (disgustingly) involved in a cover up, doesn’t mean all were, and there is no real evidence against the Popes.
        I have investigated Catholicism’s history, but I will continue.
        I understand . I have experienced feeling physically sick at reading heretical writings and anti-Catholic lies myself.
        You’re welcome. Thanks for polite and friendly (though still funnily offensive) discussion.

        Thanks for the advice.

        I believe the priesthood because I believe the Bible.

        Pope Francis is actually specially chosen and given by God (This isn’t Church doctrine on the Pope, but what God showed me). I have already checked that the Catholic dogmas are in scripture, and in harmony with scripture, and they are. It shocked me to discover it, but they really are.

        God bless you


      5. I will deffo look at the link you sent in this message..

        Unfortunately,,I think that you will find that hitler was certainly roman catholic,,He modelled the Gestapo on the Jesuit order..
        there are photos of catholic boffins saluting him,,shking hands withhim etc…maybe you should goole search the images…

        Jesus could never have started roman catholicism..he certainly was not , and did not encourage, idolatry..images.. or prayers { so called } to Mary..Mary is not God..though you catholics treat her like she is..

        It is true, that most catholics do not know what they are supposed to believe.. and I am not going to wxplain that rubbish to them,,they think that going to a mass{ so called } will save them,, or just being good,, whaterver that is supposed to mean..

        Your Jesuit so called popel asserts, that, there is no salvation outside of the church.
        he obviously refers to the papist persuasion, i.e.. catholicism..
        This of course is an outright lie.. but then. he is a Jesuit…!!

        as for the priesthood,,
        there is only one priest.. and that is Jesus Christ..your catholic so called priesthoos, is not warranted in the Scriptures,,and they are not in a position to forgive a person for a sin/s committed against God,…
        They are not priests at all.. but Pharisee’s,,and liars..they un-biblacally allow themselve’s to be called Fr,,
        Mathew 23v9…

        There are allsorts of false teachings. which are of demonic origin, that your so called church tout around,,completely ignoring the authority of the word of their own destruction…

        I really think that you need to leave that catholic, papist Cult,, and get yourself a KJV Bible,, and at least a decent history book..

        have a look at a book called
        The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop..
        It is on my blog,, and at

        or at my other site

        you can get the whole book on pdf..

        or a book called: The secret history of the Edmond Paris..


      6. Thank you. You will find them truly a blessing.
        There is plenty of evidence that Hitler opposed every form of Christianity, except for the nazis own “positive Christianity”, which detested weakness. Contrast this with the prominence of the crucifix among Catholics. Pope Pius XI wrote the encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge against the situation of nazi Germany in 1937. I have only begun reading it, but it clearly shows that the nazis were not Catholic in nature. Here is a link to the encyclical:
        Joseph Goebbels was excommunicated by the Church. Hitler, like many politicians, used religion as it does him politically, and no more. Some Catholics (and some protestants) fell for his lies, but many did not, and died at their hands. I think especially of St. Maximilian Kolbe, and St. Edith Stein.
        I disagree, and history tells us he was too early to start protestantism. Catholics don’t do idolatry. Did Jesus oppose religious art? What about that commanded in Exodus 25:18-20? Jesus & the apostles encouraged us to pray together, and request each other’s prayers. We just do this with those who have fallen asleep, but are still alive in the Lord.
        Actually, Catholic appreciation of Mary emphasises that she is a mere creature, thoroughly transformed by God’s grace and used for His glory. We do not pray her kingdom come or her will be done, but acknowledge her as Blessed, because the Lord has done great things to her.
        It isn’t lacking knowledge, I’d say, but not being ready to properly express the teachings. Some do lack knowledge, but not most.
        Actually Pope Francis said that even atheists will be saved. But even this, does not contradict no salvation outside of the Church, when both statements are properly understood. Basically (probably too basically), God is merciful, and looks at the heart.
        ‘Only Christ is the true priest, the others being only his ministers.’- St. Thomas Aquinas. They are the successors of the apostles. John 20:23.
        What about teachers? Are they bad for calling themselves teachers, because of v8? Or when Paul writes to masters, is he disobeying v10?
        That’s just not true.
        I don’t expect to read those books anytime soon, because I have a lot to read, and hearing attacks on what I know for certain is not very productive. But thank you.

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      7. I really think that you have been conned into believeing that catholic dogma is in scripture…it certainly is not!!
        Please do not lie to yourself..


      8. It is all either in, or in perfect harmony with, scripture. This is my conclusion after a long period of study, prayer and reflection.


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