Pray for the Islamic State (ISIS)

‘Love your enemies, bless those cursing you, do good to those hating you, and pray for those accusing you falsely, and persecuting you’
Matthew 5:44

With the atrocities being committed by IS, prayer for them may seem misplaced, and offensive to those they’re persecuting. But there is no competition between prayers.
I tremble to say it, but Jesus Christ was sacrificed for these people also.
So we should pray, and pray fervently, that God be good to them, and teach them mercy and peace. Please, join me in praying,

Almighty God, be with the persecuted minorities of Iraq at this time. Comfort and strengthen then. Bless them to know you now, and to bear faithful witness to you in their trials. Keep and protect them all, and hold them in your embrace.
And bless the people of and in the Islamic State, that this day love may be clearer than ever to them; in your creation, in your wisdom, in their friends and family and loved ones, and also in those they’re persecuting. Reveal yourself to them, as the one they are persecuting, as the crucified saviour of the world, as the Prince of Peace, as the Lamb of God, and as love itself. Reveal to them love, mercy, forgiveness, repentance, and mourning. Awaken their consciences, and rebuke their sins in visions and dreams also, and by your miracles. Bring peace to Iraq and Syria.
Lord God Almighty, please, be thoroughly present for Iraq.

St. Stephen, first of the martyrs, please pray for the Christians and other persecuted minorities of Iraq. Amen
St. Paul, you persecuted the Church before Jesus revealed himself to you, rebuked you, and transformed your life; please pray for those persecuting minorities in Iraq and around the whole world, for their blessing and incredible conversion. Amen
Mary, Queen of Martyrs, intercede for those facing persecution, for their every blessing and strength; for their faith, hope, and charity to grow stronger by their trials; for their salvation from their enemy’s hand; and that they know your divine son, ever better. Amen

Thank you

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