Sanctity can be gross

‘I was so extremely dainty that the least want of cleanliness made me feel inclined to vomit. He reproved me for this with such severity, that, on one occasion, being about to remove what a sick person had vomited, I was constrained to take it up with my tongue and swallow it, saying: “Had I a thousand bodies, O my God, a thousand loves and a thousand lives, I would immolate them all to Thy service!” I experienced such delight in this action that I would have wished to meet every day with similar occasions, that I might thus learn to conquer myself, having God alone as witness. And He, Whose goodness alone had given me the strength to overcome myself did not fail to manifest to me the pleasure He had taken therein. For the following night, if I mistake not, He kept me for two or three hours with my lips pressed to the Wound of His Sacred Heart.’
-The Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary

How often do we hear, “Cleanliness is close to Godliness”? You’re right, it’s not that often. But next time you hear it, recall the Saint who ate a sick person’s vomit.

Let anyone accuse holiness of being insane or inhuman, but let no one ever say it’s dull. Let no one ever pretend that holy obedience is for the cowardly.

God bless you

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