God is a camera and the Saints are models

In every photo, there is an invisible presence. You cannot point to it within the photo, yet every portion of the photo bears witness to it. The picture does not contain the camera, but without the camera, there is no photo. It is always there and never seen.

To make a good photo, the whole scene must be arranged with the camera in mind. Every position, every arrangement, every pose, must be chosen with regard to the camera, so that the camera can bring out the best of everything before it.

Sometimes, the models look straight at the camera, entirely there to be captured. Sometimes, they don’t look directly at the camera, so they can be photographed as doing something else; but still, to make a good photo, the camera must still be in mind, with every aspect directed to the camera’s service.

Likewise in our lives, we must live with regard to God, who gives us being and is ever present, if we are to live well. Sometimes, we must look directly towards Him, offering direct worship, and being there entirely for Him. And sometimes, we must keep our eyes on whatever we are currently doing, but remain mindful of God, and orient our every action to His service and His pleasure. Whatever we are doing, we must do for the glory of God. That is the rule of the Saints.


St Therese of Liseux, posing for a photo

God bless you


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