Love your neighbour

Sometimes, God kindly moves me to feelings of great love, joy, and gratitude. And these thoughts and feelings are so wonderful, I worry I’m going to waste them, by keeping them to myself, hiding them under the bowl. But then, I lack skill to do great deeds at a moments notice, or speak beautiful things.

That’s when (if by God’s gift I remember) I’m glad that God’s command is nothing more (and nothing less) than love; ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ 

Why our neighbour? Because they’re within reach! Believe me when I say, love is impatient! Love cannot wait to be expressed, and so it takes whatever form is available. Love is willing to break the rules. Love is weird. Love is surprising, because love doesn’t come from the past, but from eternity.

So I do some small good deed. Something insignificant. But I know that in this, God’s love for each and all, and my love for God and His children, is going out into the world.

I know God has a special plan for me, and that I must be ready to give more than just cleaning the dishes. But I can’t and won’t wait to give my love, to give God’s love. And if I did, I fear the bowl would starve the lamp of oxygen and put it out entirely. No. God has given me this moment, and I will joyfully give it with Him.


God bless you!


  1. Your thoughts remind me of another great mind: Mother Teresa. She said, ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love’. Mmm, so true!

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