My little red book

In order to help me on my way, I’m trying something new. I’m filling a small book, with whatever I think will help me to belong to God more constantly, more fully, and more radically. The idea is to have something to refer back to, to help me go forward. Something to remind me of the heart of the gospel, and how I am meant to live that without compromise.

I want (desperately) to save the world, but I realise I must first change myself. And I want to penetrate and spread God’s message, but words are entirely insufficient for this.


Henry David Thoreau once said, “How vain it is to sit down to write, when you have not stood up to live.” This and the words of St. Francis challenge me. I wanted to write a great book to change the world, but now I see, my life is the only book that really counts. We don’t listen to books, we listen to people.

It isn’t to make me more “religious” or “spiritual”. It isn’t a teaching. It isn’t a philosophy or theology. It’s me rephrasing the demands and encouragement of the gospel to myself. It’s reminding myself who I serve and how. It’s to radicalise me in Jesus, and thus make of me a strange new creature.

So far, it is doing well. It has a few prayers for me to say each day, many quick calls to action and to love, and a couple personal events to be humbled by and learn from. And referring back to these, I find myself restored, with a renewed sense of God’s direction for me. I see where I’ve come from, where I’m going, and how I’m getting there, just a little bit clearer.

To close, I’ll share with you my most recent entry:

The Christian should be known as the one who loves all and fears none.

This especially helped me today.


God bless you!

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