St. Therese of Lisieux

St. Therese is my favourite Saint (except of course Mary, my mother), or more accurately, my best friend in heaven. I love her deeply, and thought I would give her a brief introduction, so you might discover or rediscover her.

The funny thing about St. Therese, is it’s difficult to say if she’s very ordinary or extraordinary. She clearly thought of herself as completely ordinary. But this ordinary young nun has made a truly extraordinary impact on the world, and on those she personally knew. Of all the unlikely people to change the world, few are as out of the blue as her. Perhaps the carpenter’s son…

And it’s just this paradox of the extraordinary ordinary that characterises her. Her greatness doesn’t lie in any special talents or abilities or genius. She performed no great feats or miracles. To all human eyes, she was not made for greatness. But God doesn’t judge by our standards, and like the little King David, she had a heart after the Lord’s own heart.

She is extraordinary only because of her extraordinary love and trust in Jesus. That is all she had, but that’s all we need, and all that counts.

So please, get to know St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower. Her autobiography, ‘The Story of a Soul’, is available for free online, although you’ll want a copy once you read it. There’s a very good reason she’s been called the greatest Saint of modern times, and a favourite of Bl. Mother Teresa and Pope Francis, among many others.

For some time I had been accustomed to offer myself as a plaything to the Child Jesus. I told Him not to treat me like an expensive toy which children look at but dare not touch. I was a cheap little ball which He could fling on the ground or kick or pierce or leave neglected in a corner or even press to His Heart if it gave Him pleasure. To put it in a nutshell, I longed to amuse the little Jesus and offer myself to His childish whims.

He answered my prayer. In Rome, Jesus pierced His little toy. He wantedto see what was inside and then, having found out, He let His little ball drop and went to sleep. What did He dream about and what happened to the abandoned ball? Jesus dreamt that He was still playing with it, picking it up and dropping it, letting it roll away from Him, but in the end pressing it close to His Heart and never letting it slip again from His little Hand. You can understand, Mother, how sad the little ball was to see itself lying on the ground, but she went on hoping against all hope.


God bless you



  1. Have some time for comment now! :-) It took me almost ten years to “warm up” to St. Therese. I just never could connect with what she was “trying to say.” (I take total responsibility for that.)

    I read her book, over and over and over. Nothing!

    Then one day I asked her to pray that I would have a “childlike faith in God.” Next day: I received in the mail from a charity all of these notepads, stickers, etc… covered in roses. I cut one of the big roses out and it is now hanging in my office. After that every single place I turned there were roses.

    Now I am from Texas and roses in the winter are unheard of. An eating place where I frequent had two roses bushes in front of it, and those roses during the winter season never came off of that bush! I never passed those rose bushes that I did not think of her.

    So after the ten years I read her book again! For some reason I understood what she was/is saying.

    As I look back I now understand why I could not “connect with her.” I read a lot and most all of the Saints had some kind of “supernatural experience.” They saw an Angel, Jesus, the Blessed Mother etc… Then there was St. Therese????

    She had littleness and simplicity. She prayed for others a lot, and never really depended on her “wisdom” to get them nor herself through life. It was faith, prayer, and walking with God as a child. So she was not fitting the “mold” of all else I had read.

    Today: I cannot live without her teachings and her prayers. I am so thankful for the patience she had with me. So thanks for this post, as she deserves it. Love and God Bless, SR

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