How does Baby Jesus love us?

At mass on Christmas day, I wondered, how does the newborn Jesus love us? What does it mean that He loves us?

Babies are sort of pathetic (in the nicest way). They pretty much do nothing, apart from eating, sleeping and crying. They are dependent on others for literally everything.

This is how the newborn Jesus loves us. Not by being powerful and doing us favours, but by being powerless, giving Himself into our hands and accepting our care.

Jesus gives Himself away, and opens Himself to receive us. Whoever welcomes Him with their care, is more truly being welcomed into Him.

Merry Christmas and God bless, to you and your kin!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year!

    I was listening to Women of Grace today on EWTN and her guest she had on said, “In her house it was never Santa who brought the gifts to them as children, but it was the “Baby Jesus.” She said, “I loved the thought of going to bed at night as a child knowing “Baby Jesus” was going to visit my home and bring me gifts.”

    I thought this was absolutely beautiful and a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas. Also, growing up with this belief and understanding the truth of it as one got older.

    The day Jesus was born was the greatest gift we would ever receive from God. Even as an infant the very breath of God was breathed into Him. This “Gift” was given to every single home, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger.

    We need to see “That” under our tree at every Christmas. Loved the post and God Bless, SR

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    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

      I heard of that before, and always loved the idea of it too. It makes much more sense really, and feels much more lovely.
      I like to imagine if I ever have my own family, they could have presents from Saint Nick on his feast, from Baby Jesus on his, and from the Magi on Epiphany.

      Amen. It’s incredible to think how good God is to us in giving us Jesus.

      God bless!

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