Am I wasting my life?

(tl;dr: Yes, definitely)

The other day I had to delete a couple of games from my phone because I realised they were a) addictive b) taking too much of my time and c) not even very fun. So yes, I definitely tend towards wasting my time and therefore my life.

Then there’s the time I spend watching TV. Multiple hours each day in front of the box. That can’t be good. And then there’s all of the things I do and then regret.

I like to imagine that when we die, God shows us all of the stats for our earthly lives, like you can see on a video game. Things like jokes told, total time spent on mobile (excluding phone calls), friends made, friends lost, total time spent in prayer, total money donated to charity, biggest expense, total time helping others, total time laughing, total steps taken, total carbon footprint, time dominated by gluttony/lust/envy/greed/wrath/pride/sloth, total apples eaten, etc. etc., and with breakdowns for all the data over time. But I don’t think my stats would look very good.

I also like to imagine we get to see a highlights reel showing all of our best and worst moments. I’m not sure I’ll like watching my highlights reel either actually… Too much bad and not enough good.

I’m glad to say that we’re not judged on the basis of these stats or highlights, and don’t have to reach certain thresholds to enter heaven (although they maybe give a rough idea of purgatory time). But I don’t want to die and realise I wasted my life. Or even just a portion of my life.

Why did God make you? A. God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next. [From the Baltimore Catechism]

So what am I going to do about it?

  1. Delete any apps that waste my time
  2. Use the daily examen prayer to make sure I use my time/energy/life right each day
  3. Commit more time to prayer
  4. Watch less TV

God bless


  1. I think we all need to do a self examination such as this. I think we will find we have more time for God then we think we do, when we get all of the useless things in our lives out of the way. Good post and God bless, SR

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      1. “Which I guess is immediately.” LOL! You will make it, I have known you through the blog sphere for years and have yet to see you not! God Bless, SR


  2. The daily prayer of the Church might help; as few or as many of the ‘hours’ as you can commit to. (None of the sessions is anything like an hour long, they just start on the hour or did once upon a time.) They are Biblical, based on the Psalms and can be found by searching for Universalis on line.

    Keep on keeping on, it’s always a pleasure to see that you’ve been writing!

    God Bless,


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    1. Thanks Will, I used to love doing the morning and evening prayers actually, but stopped because it didn’t fit well with my work schedule. But now that my commute is cancelled, I may have to get back into it :)

      Thanks, and God bless


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