About this blog

I write this blog as a small effort to make the world a better place.

There are some goods which are not diminished by being shared, and there are some which increase the more they are shared. In fact, I’d say all true goods are better shared. This is why I write this blog: to share various goods, such as truth, and joy, and hope, and faith, and love.

Most posts are about my religion (Christianity). I was baptised into the Catholic Church on March 16th 2014 (you can read about it here). I absolutely love my religion, and I would like to share its riches with all, to the degree that I can.

Sometimes (more in the past) I do more political posts (often linked with religion). I write these with the hope of helping people to see the world for what it is, and to fight for real freedom. It often angers me, how serious issues are either not discussed (usually because it’s the status quo), or not discussed correctly (usually because of the faulty assumptions held). We need to build a better world, and we need to discuss the world better.

I should warn you, that the older a post is, the less likely it is I still agree with it.

There is a lot I don’t know or understand. I am an expert in nothing. I don’t write to produce new ideas. I only write to share what little I have, in the hope that some may see a new perspective, some may remember learning the same things long ago, and some (like me of the past) may learn in a way that will resonate with them. I write in the hope that I am merely repeating the good news of Jesus Christ, in a way that will be heard.

Where I am wrong, please try to correct me.

Here is a post about my reason for choosing the name of this blog. I wasn’t so focussed on this at the time, but now it always brings to mind how Jesus came to us as a child.

Thank you, and God bless you.

[P.S. I did the drawing for the banner myself, during a lecture. It is the final of a series of fourteen drawings I did in advent 2013, one per day, during maths lectures, showing the whole Nativity story. Each piece was done in that space at the top of the page of lined paper (where title usually goes).

It is, undoubtedly, the greatest work of art I have ever produced.] I like elephants.

[P.P.S. I should also mention that this blog used to be called ‘JRahi’s words’ and other similar names before that]

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