Holy Art


Simon Bisley


Garden- Fr Tansi, CFR

I’ve recently found my new favourite Christian musician, Fr Tansi, CFR. I bought his album recently, and just absolutely love it. It’s some of the most prayerful music I’ve ever heard. You can find his music, and how to buy it yourself, here.

God bless you!

Mother of Light

[I’ve decided to start sharing some art on here. I think we undervalue and underutilise beauty today, and need to reverse that immediately]

‘Truly I have set my soul
in silence and peace.
A child on its mother’s breast,
even so is my soul.’
(Ps 130:2)

God bless you!

The painting is called, Mother of Light, and it’s from http://www.artofamaryknollsister.com/Details.asp?ProdID=628&category=2 (but I found it through pinterest).