Culture of death


The Resurrection should be understood as a challenge to the world. Death has been overcome, and now, the children of God have nothing left to fear. 

There’s a lot to leave us feeling hopeless in the world today. There’s war, poverty, loneliness, abortion, hatred, murder, human trafficking, racism, addiction, euthanasia, exploitation,  ignorance, terrorism, sexual abuse, genocides, corruption, divorce, torture, and the list just goes on and on. We live, undeniably, in a culture of death and indifference. 

And of course, a culture of death requires and creates for itself a culture of indifference. When we’re surrounded by so much death, the easiest way to deal with it is simply to die inside, closing our eyes and hearts. We package away the suffering in little boxes, which we’ll return to occasionally, to cry a little, give some money, and so relieve what’s left of our consciences a little bit. If we let our hearts open to all the misery and death around us, we’d be unable to let it go on. We would be compelled to stand against the forces of death that surround us.

But what use is it? Who can fight against the empire of death and win? Especially when death reigns even in our own hearts?


You cannot kill a Christian! We cannot die! God is on our side! God has justified the crucified! Nothing can ever overcome the children of God. Nothing can stop the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, we must live in a new manner. The dying things of the world no longer matter. Nothing matters, except the true life we have been given, the life of absolute love, the life of the children of God, the life of heaven. 

Jesus is vindicated, and His way is proven right. And so we can accept Him, His love, His truth, in all His weakness. His death is only half the story. 

And so we can and must walk in His ways, taking up our crosses, the pains and injustices around us, and entering them, transforming them, with a fearless love. Nothing, not even death, can stop the children of God, and that is what we are. 

This is the freedom we must live out in the face of all the death surrounding us on every side. We must live in the victory already won. 
God bless you! Christ is risen! 

The Necessity of Religion in Politics

Religion is necessary to politics, because the idea of the person is necessary to politics. The person is in fact something only perceptible by faith. By science or philosophy, you can determine many things about the nature of Homo Sapiens, but you cannot demonstrate their personhood. By these methods, you may discover various different ways of how they work, engaging various material, or even “spiritual”, mechanisms within the creature, but you won’t find that it is a person to relate to, to engage and commune with, that participates in the unfathomable mystery at the foundation of the universe, and so has universal rights.

Persons and personhood, cannot be proven or discovered, but only encountered. They are too profound to be found through our external and detached methodologies, but must be met, and communed with. Personhood is a truth we can only accept on faith, born of encounter.

Of course, you don’t have to be “religious” to encounter and accept the reality of personhood. People from any religion (I think…) or none can. But it is a thoroughly religious idea.

And without a solid, well built faith, the idea of personhood will be attacked on all sides, by various ideas of ‘pragmatism’, ‘utility’, ‘realism’, ‘moderation’, ‘fairness’, ‘liberty’, and even ‘compassion’. Personhood must be held to tightly at all times, or it will not last, and with it, the dignity of many lives. But personhood is difficult to hold alone, because it refuses all compromise, and to be strengthened needs to be part of a larger system of mystery. That is, personhood cannot well last, if it is understood as an isolated reality, without proper relationship to the rest of existence; it requires to be placed in relationship with a similarly profound mystery of all that is, that is also to profound for any knowledge but the knowledge born of encounter: the knowledge of faith.

Believers, when engaged in politics, cannot leave religion at the front door, because it will leave personhood, which should be the heart of all politics, exposed and vulnerable, to inferior ideas making reckless use of lesser truths. When the true principle of man’s life, that is, man’s relationship to the divine, is ignored, life is easily denigrated, and we end up with a culture of death.

In practice, personhood means that humans are not things to be used, but people to love. From this view, we can see that society’s focus shouldn’t be the individual or the collective, but the community, which transcends and harmonises both, in a shared life of dynamic love.

God bless you

P.S. I hope to write more posts on politics and society soon.

Culture of death; Society of Zombies

We live in a culture, where people are seen as separate autonomous beings, made to do whatever they may want, and to provide pleasure. A culture that encourages me to view you as a lifeless tool to achieve my desires. A culture that has no time for people’s problems, but looks at them and suggests neglect to deal with the symptoms, and death as the cure. As St. John Paul II called it, a ‘culture of death’.

And what is more clear, than that to participate in the culture of death, is practically to be living as dead? Zombie fiction has provided the illustration perfectly.

The great masses, with cold, empty eyes, who wander aimlessly; who thoroughly ignore their undead brethren; whose only perverse desire is to consume the life of survivors, and so satisfy their empty hungers. To them, all is either nothing, or a prey. All paths are called the same, and so all worthless, and they fall under the ‘tyranny of relativism’, where meaning is not permitted, and man is reduced below the animals. Where a man is yet free, he is detested and hungered over, by those who wish to sustain their slavery. They desire life, but only to grasp and crush it. They do not touch, heart to heart and soul to soul, but corpse to corpse.

The useless or inconvenient are ignored until they wither and die. Or, if they should make any demands that all should come to life, and do something for others, they are attacked [do not make an appeal to a zombie’s humanity]. And when they are attacked, they are either slaughtered and consumed, or survive only to become another lifeless corpse roaming the world, seeking to consume.

In the hands of the living dead, the unborn, the elderly, the infirm, the unemployed, the criminal, and all in their grasping hands, are given only the options of death by destruction or (if they are able) death by corruption.


Thank God, few are yet so completely dead. The infection works slower than imagined, and can be resisted. But don’t be complacent, it is slower but tougher.

We must fight, and fight bravely. We must oppose death with life; violence with peace; hatred with love; darkness with light; destruction with creation; consumption with communion; those who eat flesh to corruption and destruction, with those who partake of the living body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, ‘the medicine of immortality’. When the dead are infecting the living, we must look to Jesus, who brings true life to the dead. While all seek to grasp all, we must strive to give all. For this, we must be nourished by the greatest gift of all time: the sacrifice of the Son of God upon the cross, present before us on the altar. Only his sacrifice gave the resurrection, and only by his sacrifice can we make any worthy, living and life-giving sacrifice/gift.

God bless you.