Holy Mass

The Gospel in the Altar Rail

The altar rail separates the congregation from the Sanctuary, symbolising our sin, separating us from Heaven and from God. The holy place is on that side, and we’re stuck on this side, able to look but not enter.

But the altar rail also stands for Christ Himself, who for our sake became sin. As the altar rail stands in the middle, as both sanctuary and nave, and the meeting point between them, so Christ, in becoming our sin, has made it the meeting point of heaven and earth.

And it’s at this meeting point that we come, right to the threshold of Heaven, to kneel down, receive God Himself into us, and take Him out into the world.

God bless you!

The presentation of the Lord

(Luke 2:22-38)
Here is something I have been shown while praying the holy rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary (I didn’t need to specify, but her name brings me joy), and meditating on the joyful mysteries.

The presentation of the baby Jesus in the temple is a lot like mass.
Mary goes before God, to offer her firstborn child, Jesus who is God-incarnate, to God. She does this both as a duty and a gift to God the Father, in obedience to and delight in the law. She only has her son, who is God, by the grace of God, and her great offering is only what God gave to her in the first place.
By her motherly love, she is so united to Jesus that she cannot give Jesus without giving herself with him.
Mary presents and gives Jesus to the Lord, and the Lord accepts, then presents and gives Jesus to the world, through the proclamation of His prophets. And with Jesus, comes Mary, and so her heart will be pierced with her son, and her life too will be given to all mankind.
Similarly, at each mass, we (especially priests) come before God, to offer Him Jesus, who is God-incarnate. This is both our duty and our gift, in obedience and in love. We only have Jesus in the Holy Eucharist by the grace of God, and we are only offering what God has given to us before.
We offer mass, and are offering God as a sacrifice to God, and He surely accepts, and then gives Himself to us, as our true food and true drink, and to the whole world through us.
And by our love, we ought to unite ourselves to Jesus at every mass, and offer ourselves with him as a sacrifice, and can expect to be sent out to live and suffer for the world with him.
We give to God, and He gives to the world, and gives perfectly.

God bless you!