Friendly anarchy

Anarchy‘s been given many bad names, some by the state and capitalist media, and some from the actions of a few anarchists. It’s actually the most friendly of all political ideas.
It’s not about hating everything, or mindlessly calling everyone you see a puppet of the system. It’s about hating injustice and revealing the system‘s love of injustice, and then building a better world.
It certainly isn’t about chaos and each man for himself. Anarchists believe people would naturally help each other. Think about it, do you know anyone who would murder, rape and rob whenever they got the opportunity (when all are equal as well)?
It’s far more friendly than capitalism. Capitalism says people are evil, and need superior people to rule them (despite these people being repeatedly shown to be, at least morally, inferior). “Anarcho“-capitalism says all against all, defending their own, and that the people who should be allowed to rule aspects of people‘s lives, are those most able to increase their power (who are repeatedly shown to be corrupt).
State communism is even worse. It says the superior will look out for all, but those in power always exploit those they believe to be inferior. But it’s worse than capitalism because the power is entirely centralized.
Only anarchists say we are equals, and we will look after each other.
There’s a crazy statist myth floating around, that we need government, and without it we‘d have a free for all. This ignores the remarkable amount we do freely for each other, and always better than the state, and the evil the state always pushes, for their own wealth and riches.
Are humans perfectly capable of looking after each other for the common good? No, not in my opinion, at least, not everyone and not perfectly. But it’s certainly not better to have certain humans over others by violence.
The least friendly part is the threat of violent revolution, which is a terrifying thought. But this is not a key part. Many want to achieve anarchy through non-violent protests or workers strikes.
Anarchy is about the hope of a world where we don’t run things by violence and selfishness. Where we look at needs not deeds.