The Early Church

“Who can describe the constraining power of a love for God?”

‘If there is true Christian love in a man, let him carry out the precepts of Christ. Who can describe the constraining power of a love for God? Its majesty and its beauty who can adequately express? No tongue can tell the heights to which love can uplift us. Love binds us fast to God. Love casts a veil over sins innumerable. There are no limits to love’s endurance, no end to its patience. Love is without servility, as it is without arrogance. Love knows of no divisions, promotes no discord; all the works of love are done in perfect fellowship. It was in love that all God’s chosen saints were made perfect; for without love nothing is pleasing to Him. It was in love that the Lord drew us to Himself; because of the love He bore us, our Lord Jesus Christ, at the will of God, gave His blood for us – His flesh for our flesh, His life for our lives.’
-The First Epistle of St. Clement (1st century bishop of Rome) to the Corinthians n.49


I just really loved this passage, and thought to share it. The whole epistle is brilliant, and a great insight into how the early Church looked and what it believed.

If you want more, here are some translations of the whole thing.
God bless you!

St. Ignatius of Antioch

Here’s a link to the letters of St Ignatius of Antioch. Today (just about) is his feast day. St Ignatius is my confirmation saint, and was bishop of Antioch until he was martyred in 107AD. Some say he was one of the little children Jesus blessed. He wrote his seven letters on his way to martyrdom in Rome, and I strongly recommend them.

St. Ignatius of Antioch, pray for us!
God bless you